How Cycle for Survival Works

We can’t all be doctors or cancer researchers, but riding with Cycle for Survival can raise the money that makes their work possible.

  1. 1. Register

    Become a team captain and start a team—or register as a member of an existing team that you’ve been invited to join. Another option is to go "Extreme" and ride the entire four-hour shift on your own bike. Whichever you choose, spread the word and ask friends, family, and colleagues to ride too!

  2. 2. Raise Money

    Set an ambitious goal and start raising money through your fundraising page. It’s easier than you think, and we’re here to help you every step of the way. Check out our helpful tips to get started and don’t forget: 100% of every donation directly funds rare cancer research!

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  3. 3. Ride!

    Cycle for Survival’s high-energy indoor team cycling events require no experience—you can pedal hard or hardly pedal! By being a part of this empowering and fun day, you are making true progress possible in the fight to beat rare cancers.

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Step 1


You can ride on a team or you can go Extreme. Whichever you choose, ask friends, family, and colleagues to join too. You’re riding for an important cause!

Start a Team

Every team needs a strong captain to lead the charge. Simply pick a location and shift, register your team, and then recruit friends, family, and colleagues to join you. Each bike has a minimum fundraising requirement of $1,000, and a minimum of four and maximum of eight riders. Team members will register individually by using the team password provided to them by the team captain, who is also responsible for assigning specific event day ride times.

Join a Team

To join a team, you have to be invited by a captain. If someone you know has started a Cycle for Survival team, ask him or her for the team password so you can register. If you don’t have a team to join, contact us.

Go Extreme

Rather than ride with a team, you can have your own bike for four hours! The minimum fundraising requirement for Extreme riders is $4,000.


3,971 participants rode on corporate teams in 2014. Get your company involved!

Step 2

Raise Money

Aim high! 100% of the money raised funds cancer research, so every dollar benefits patients. If you need help asking for support—our tips will get you started. And we’re always available to help!

Start Early

The earlier you start fundraising, the more time you’ll have to reach (and surpass) your fundraising goal!

Make a Gift to Yourself

Lead by example and give your fundraising thermometer an immediate boost by making a gift to your ride!

Customize Your Fundraising Page

Edit your personal fundraising page in your Participant Center right away. The fight to beat rare cancers is personal to each of us, and we highly recommend that you replace the standard message with a personal story about why you're riding. You can also take it a step further by adding a personal photo or video.

More Tips

The average team raises $5,000 per bike. Our fundraising tips will help!

Step 3


There is nothing like Cycle for Survival. Experience the tremendous energy, unity and determination at our rides. We’re in the fight to beat rare cancers together!

Ride at Cycle for Survival

Thanks to our founding partner, Equinox, rides are held across the country every February and March. Team captains pick a location, a four-hour shift, and reserve anywhere from 1-4 bikes for their team. Team members ride relay-style, sharing a stationary bike for four 50-minute cycling sessions. Top Equinox indoor cycling instructors lead each session. You can pedal hard or hardly pedal—no experience necessary! (But you must be 18 to participate.)

See event locations, dates and times
Create Your Own Event

If you’re unable to join us at a Cycle for Survival ride, you can create your own satellite event anywhere in the world. You can cycle or choose any activity, any time of year you want. For more information, please contact Lee at


Equinox is Cycle for Survival’s founding partner.

Cycle for Survival makes a difference


of people with cancer are battling a rare cancer.


has been raised by Cycle for Survival since 2007 to beat rare cancers.


subtypes of cancer are treated each year at Memorial Sloan Kettering.

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