Fundraising Tips

Fundraising is one of the most important aspects of Cycle for Survival. Every dollar raised goes directly to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center to fund lifesaving research on rare cancers. Set your goals high and work hard to surpass them!

Tip 01

Make sure to tell all of your donors that 100% of their donation to Cycle for Survival will go directly to rare cancer research.

Tip 02
Change Your Mindset

While you are asking for money, remember that you are giving people the opportunity to make a tangible impact in the fight against rare cancers.

Tip 03
Rally Your Team

Create a group e-mail chain or a Facebook group to share stories, words of encouragement, key fundraising learnings—and encourage your teammates to do the same.

Tip 04
Give to Yourself

The best way to encourage others to give is to see that you've donated to your own efforts first! Make a kickoff gift!

Tip 05
Make it Personal

Tell YOUR story about why you ride. Your Cycle Center provides you with templates of suggested language, but the more personal you make your asks, the more people will relate because everyone has been touched by cancer.

Tip 06
Ask, Ask, Ask!

You don't get what you don't ask for, so make sure you are asking! Donations don't always come from where you expect them to, so cast a wide net and make each ask personal!

Download fundraising letter >

Top Team
Top Team fundraising
incentives include

Cycle for Survival moisture-wicking half-zip pullover for reaching the $10,000 level per bike and Cycle for Survival performance t-shirt or tank top for the $5,000 level per bike.

Fundraising challenges give
top fundraisers the opportunity
to win amazing prizes like

tickets to Saturday Night Live, a trip to Disney World and NCAA Final Four tickets.

Tip 07
Show Your Gratitude

Say thank you early and often to your donors. Update them on your progress and show them the impact they are having.

Download thank you letter >

Tip 08
Get Social

You'll be surprised at the support you'll receive from a Facebook post, Tweet, Instagram photo or sharing Cycle for Survival's YouTube channel! Want tips on how to best leverage social media? E-mail!

Tip 09
Think BIG

Ask for specific amounts from people you know can give bigger gifts, and don't be afraid to follow-up with a call if your personal e-mails aren't getting responses. Need advice on how to ask for these gifts? Just e-mail our team at!

Tip 10
Follow Up

Most people are willing to give, even just a small amount, but need the reminder. Just because they didn't initially respond doesn't mean that they don't want to support you. It's okay to follow up!

Tip 11
Meet for Coffee

Meet face-to-face with some of your potential donors. Nothing is more personal or effective than sitting down and having a conversation.

Tip 12
Wear Your Gear

It's a great excuse to talk to people about the event, the cause and why you ride.

Tip 13
Team T-Shirts

As a public way to thank your donors, have team t-shirts made to wear at your ride and list all donors on the back!

Tip 14
Double Your Impact

Matching gifts are a great way to double, sometimes triple your impact! Make sure you and your donors check with your Human Resources departments to see if they'll match. Questions? E-mail us at or view our matching gifts guide!

Tip 15
Special Events

Donate your birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion to Cycle for Survival -- and ask people to give you gifts in amount of whatever year you are celebrating (or more!). We even had a bride-to-be host her bachelorette party at Cycle for Survival last season.

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