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The heart of Memorial Sloan-Kettering's longstanding commitment to providing technologically sophisticated, compassionate patient care is its inpatient hospital building at 1275 York Avenue. Since its opening in 1973, this 20-story facility has served as the Center's public face and a beacon of hope for the men, women, and children who pass through its doors. During the course of the past decade, Memorial Sloan-Kettering has made significant investments in its physical plant, constructing brand-new facilities, renovating and upgrading inpatient floors, and installing new infrastructure. The goal is to ensure that Memorial Hospital will always be a modern facility—one equipped with today's most up-to-date technology and the flexibility to adapt to future transformations in cancer care. Giving opportunities include:

Named Hospital Floors
As part of its ongoing commitment to provide first-rate clinical facilities in Memorial Hospital, the Center has undertaken a systematic floor-by-floor renovation that so far includes a genitourinary care floor, a pediatric unit, and a bone marrow transplantation floor, among others. In addition to creating comfortable and attractive treatment areas, these renovations are helping to promote greater efficiency and precision in providing first-rate care—for example, through the availability of in-room computer stations that allow electronic access to patients' records and a state-of-the-art order entry system to ensure rapid, error-free distribution of medications.
Center for Image-Guided Intervention and
Minimally Invasive Therapies

When it opens in 2010, the Center for Image-Guided Intervention (CIGI) and Minimally Invasive Therapies will help spark a revolution in diagnosis and treatment, bringing together in one place a range of tools for tracking and treating cancer. Occupying nearly 40,000 square feet on the second floor of Memorial Hospital and adjoining buildings, this facility offers a range of giving opportunities. These include the entire platform housing the Center for Image-Guided Intervention and Minimally Invasive Therapies, along with its individual components:

  • Five high-tech rooms equipped with the latest imaging modalities that together form the Center for Image-Guided Intervention (CIGI). As an essential complement to its clinical program, CIGI will also support advanced research aimed at speeding the development of future image-guided technologies.

  • A suite of four endoscopy procedure rooms and support areas.

  • An all-new Surgical Day Hospital featuring seven state-of-the-art operating suites, plus a pre- and post-procedure care unit with 47 private recovery rooms that will also serve CIGI and the endoscopy unit.
Intensive Care Unit
As one of the newest patient care facilities at Memorial Sloan-Kettering, the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) offers the Center's most seriously ill patients an extraordinary level of medical care in an attractive and comfortable setting. Occupying 18,000 square feet on the 11th floor of Memorial Hospital—plus an additional 8,000 square feet of dedicated support space—the ICU features 20 large patient care rooms, each equipped with web cameras to allow constant visual monitoring of patients along with a full array of high-tech instruments to track vital information. It serves as a model for other critical care facilities nationwide and has received the 2009 ICU Design Citation Award, presented by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Academy on Architecture for Health.
Surgical Center
Approximately 80 percent of cancer patients undergo surgery as part of their care, and the increased reliance on highly advanced surgical procedures has produced a strong demand for state-of-the-art facilities to accommodate them. To meet this need, Memorial Sloan-Kettering recently opened an all-new surgical center featuring 21 technologically advanced operating suites, a pre- and post-operative care unit, an attractive Family Information Center, and support space. This thoughtfully designed, highly functional facility offers a variety of gift opportunities:

  • Individual Operating Suites
    The Surgical Center's newly constructed operating rooms measure an average of 600 square feet, with the anesthesia station and other equipment suspended from the ceiling to keep the floor clutter-free. Each suite is fully equipped for minimally invasive procedures and features audiovisual connections with the nearby pathology facilities, making it possible for pathologists to analyze specimens and communicate findings directly to surgeons while an operation is in progress. Special facilities include a pediatric operating room and two lead-lined "high dose radiation brachytherapy" rooms that allow a radioactive "seed" to be implanted in a patient by means of robotics.

  • Pre- and Post-Operative Care Unit
    A 52-bed pre-operative and post-anesthesia care unit provides flexible space to accommodate patients both as they arrive for surgery and later on as they recover from their procedures. Beds are grouped in clusters adjacent to a nurse's station, with electronic connections allowing quick access to patient information. The unit also features a pharmacy to permit rapid dispensing of medications.

  • Surgeons' Dining Room and Offices
    To ensure maximum efficiency in scheduling surgical procedures, the new Surgical Center includes shared offices and a dining area that doubles as conference space, so that surgeons can remain on the floor in the "down time" between procedures. The Surgeons' Dining Room and offices provide attractive gift opportunities for donors who wish to recognize the outstanding care provide by physicians in Memorial Sloan-Kettering's Department of Surgery.
Facility Modernization Fund
Each year, Memorial Sloan-Kettering devotes substantial resources to routine but essential maintenance and upgrades to its physical plant. Gifts to support investments in the Center's infrastructure address a range of pressing needs—for example, elevator renovations, window replacements and exterior maintenance, and regular updates to radiology facilities and equipment—while providing the institution with crucial flexibility in meeting other top priorities.




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