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Support for Research
Sloan Kettering Institute Research Programs
Through their work on the front lines of scientific discovery, SKI investigators are achieving insights into cancer at its most fundamental levels and building solid foundations for future advances. To maintain strong forward momentum, SKI seeks support for laboratory research each of its eight research programs:

Cancer Biology and Genetics
Cell Biology
Computational Biology
Developmental Biology
Molecular Biology
Molecular Pharmacology and Chemistry
Structural Biology

Special Research Initiatives
Memorial Sloan Kettering maintains an array of multidisciplinary research initiatives that promote collaboration on basic, translational, and clinical research in areas such as the following:

Brain Tumor Center
The Brain Tumor Center (BTC) brings together investigators from across the institution to collaborate on studies into the molecular and cellular properties that drive tumor development and growth. With its emphasis on carrying discoveries from the basic and translational research laboratory all the way to clinical trials, the BTC offers hope for meaningful progress against one of the most challenging forms of cancer. Top funding priorities include support for laboratory research and clinical studies along with endowed positions for junior and senior researchers.
Chemical Biology
Gifts to support research in Chemical Biology will underwrite expanded activities in this fast-emerging field, which applies the principles of chemistry to the study of molecular events in biological systems. The Center's research effort brings together chemists, cell biologists, biophysicists, and experts in other fields with the goal of developing new drugs that precisely target cancer at its most fundamental levels. Priorities includes funds for research and support for specially designed laboratories in Chemical Biology on the top floor of the Mortimer B. Zuckerman Research Center.
Metastasis Collaborative Research Center
The Metastasis Collaborative Research Center (MetRC) is a comprehensive initiative that brings new urgency and focus to understanding the deadly process by which cancer spreads from primary tumors to sites throughout the body. The MetRC builds on the pioneering work of Center researchers who have led the way in addressing this complex problem, which involves multiple processes and dozens of genetic mutations. Such progress is essential, as metastasis accounts for 90 percent of all cancer deaths.
Human Oncology and Pathogenesis Program
The Human Oncology and Pathogenesis Program (HOPP) is a Hospital-based research program that focuses squarely on the physical, chemical, and biologic features of tumors from a clinical perspective. It applies new insights into cancer at the molecular level to the development of improved methods of diagnosis, prevention, early detection, and treatment. As they move between the laboratory and the clinic, HOPP investigators explore specific molecular abnormalities in human cancers, identify and develop chemical compounds to be used against them, and evaluate the effectiveness of new drugs.
Molecular Diagnostics Initiative
Ongoing discoveries about cancer at the molecular and genetic levels have set the stage for a transformation in the practice of cancer medicine—a transformation that is already underway at Memorial Sloan Kettering. To extend its efforts as a pioneer in the field, the Center is launching a Molecular Diagnostic Initiative that will include routine "genetic fingerprinting" of tumors to reveal their distinctive pattern of active genes and proteins. Researchers envision a day when physicians will be able to obtain a tumor sample, identify the genetic alterations that gave rise to the cancer, and administer specific targeted agents to destroy it.
Center for Cell Engineering
Research conducted through the Center for Cell Engineering is helping to secure Memorial Sloan Kettering's role as a leader in using human cells as therapeutic agents against cancer and other disorders. This high-tech initiative brings together researchers from across the institution to pursue studies focused on the conception and implementation of innovative cellular therapies. Top funding priorities include support for preclinical and preclinical research initiatives, the creation of endowed positions for junior and senior researchers, and operating support for the Gene Transfer and Somatic Cell Engineering core facility, which develops, validates, and implements procedures critical to clinical research utilizing engineered patient cells.




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