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The Nutcrackers

Team Captain:  Jay Erickson
Bike Count:  Five-Bike Team
Per Bike Average:   $12,977

Location:   New York, NY:

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Fundraising Goal
Team Donor List
The Nutcrackers Raised
Jay Erickson $7,116.55
Tom Berenberg $6,406.00
Laura Carraway $500.00
Christopher Cornett $50.00
Matt Culbreth $60.00
Lesley Dial $4,730.00
Robert Dial $25,385.00
Lynann Escatel $0.00
Darren Feldman $500.00
Erin Hotchkiss $846.00
Samuel Hotchkiss $6,185.00
Katie Johnson $325.00
Benjamin Levine $4,500.00
Jonathan Owen $900.00
Nicholas Romano $500.00
Page Sargisson $0.00
Alison Stein $1,843.00
James Vanek $5,000.00
Team Gifts $36.00
Denotes a Team Captain

JOIN THE BATTLE. Beat Rare Cancers.

Helping Researchers Crack the Cancer Nut

Approximately 50% of all cancer patients are fighting a rare cancer. Yet, the rarity of each cancer limits the interest of pharmaceutical companies and other funding organizations from sponsoring research on these diseases. This limits the treatment options available for our patients and increases our dependence on philanthropy to support lifesaving research for these diseases.

The Nutcrackers raise funds specifically for germ cell tumor research at MSK. These cancers include both testicular and ovarian cancers as well as more rare head and neck presentations. These cancers, like all rare cancers, disproportionately affect the young and testicular cancer is the most common cancer among men aged 21-39.

The team has a lot of testicular cancer patients riding including many patients of Dr. Darren Feldman who is a clinical researcher at MSK and a recipient of Cycle funds. Two of those patients and Nutcracker leaders are Jay Erickson and Tom Berenberg. Dr. Feldman writes:

Both Jay and Tom participated in clinical trials at Memorial Sloan Kettering that wouldn’t have been possible without philanthropic funding. They were fortunate enough to get into remission but others have been less fortunate, some of whom didn’t have the same clinical trial opportunities that Jay and Tom had. I carry the memories of these young men and women with me every day and am inspired by them as well as Jay and Tom to continue working tirelessly until every patient with this disease can be cured.

Thank you for your support and for being on the front lines.


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