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Rebecca Dooley

Team Name:  Team Dooley
Years Participated: Eighth Year

Location:   New York, NY:

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Cancer has always been a part of my life. Dad was diagnosed with Synovial Sarcoma when he was twenty-five and had two fingers amputated when I was 5 - I don't really remember a time before that. As a kid, I thought dad's "claw" (as we like to call it) was pretty cool. When my friends asked about it, he'd tell a great story about a hungry shark he encountered while surfing in Australia. 

This past August, we celebrated 25 years since the amputation with an axe-throwing competition at a local bar. Dad beat us all

We are all fortunate that Memorial Sloan-Kettering has taken care of our family for the last 25 years. We ran fundraisers and volunteered there as much as possible, but none have as much of an impact on rare cancer research as Cycle for Survival.  This is our 8th year riding and with all your previous support, Dooley Family team has raised almost $65,000! Cycle for Survival has raised $191 MILLION since 2007.

Every penny of your donation goes directly to fund this research. And every penny could help save someone just like my dad.

Thank you in advance for your donation. It will go a long way at Sloan-Kettering. CANCER SUCKS. 

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