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Ricki Miller

Team Name:  Team Absolutely Positively
Years Participated: Third Year

Location:   Long Island, NY:

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Fundraising Goal
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For Ronnie

On Sunday March 3 between 8-12pm I will be riding for Cycle for Survival at Equinox Health Club in Woodbury, NY. Cycle for Survival is 12 years old and has raised over 180 million dollars for rare cancers. Every single dollar has gone to Memorial Sloan Kettering for pioneering research and clinical trials to revolutionize how cancer is diagnosed and treated worldwide.

50% of all people with cancer, have a rare cancer. They include stomach, brain, lymphoma, leukemia, pancreatic, liver, multiple myeloma, melanoma, thyroid, bladder, ovarian, uterine, sarcomas (there are over 70 kinds) all pediatric cancers and many more. Rare cancers are underfunded and patients have limited treatment options. Cycle for Survival is changing that.

Cancer touches us all. My brother Ronnie died Sept. 8, 2016 after a brave and brutal battle with retroperitoneal liposarcoma, a soft issue cancer similar to the one Jennifer Goodman Linn, the co-founder of Cycle for Survival, died from. Despite the most aggressive and cutting edge treatment, and his doctors' high hopes for a cure, Ronnie died three months after his diagnosis. This was a crushing blow to me, all his family, friends and patients who admired and loved him. My fabulous father Abe died 25 years ago from stomach cancer. My dear friends Mary and Tom Kaliski died from leukemia and lymphoma. It’s enough.

This year we will be spinning on our own team: Team Absolutely Positively, a favorite phrase of my brother’s when he was certain about something. I will be spinning with my nephew Rich, niece Rebecca, and friends. This very minute researchers could be working on something to treat someone you love. We are certain we can make a difference. Please donate. Thank you for your support.

Love, Ricki Miller

Pictured here is Brooklyn Miller, our hope for the future. Although she never met her Grandfather and Great Grandfather, their goodness lives on in her.

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