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Andrea Argenio

Team Name:  Team Buster
Years Participated: Third Year

Location:   New York, NY:

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Fundraising Goal

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Donor List


I was diagnosed with a rare cancer in 2009 at 17 years old.  My entire adult life I have been fighting.  I do everything in my power to live a "normal" life, but at times this becomes impossible.  2018 has been the toughest year yet - radiation, oral chemo, IV chemo, immunotherapy, and more radiation completely robbed the year from me. 2019 is off to a difficult start as well, as I have been hospitalized for most of the year.  

Unfortunately, I will be unable to ride due to my physical state.  My brother, Alessandro, will be riding for a straight 4 hours on my behalf. 

Why do I ride (albeit, through my brother...!) ?

I ride in the hope that no year will have to look like 2018 ever again, for me or anyone with this horrible disease.

I ride for my Mom, who is by my side 24/7 and takes care of me to an indescribale degree.

I ride for my Dad, who has fought for me constantly and taken me to an uncountable number of appointments, from blood tests to chemotherapy.

I ride for my brother, Alessandro, who since Day 1 has made me his priority and drops everything for me at a moment's notice. 

I ride for my girlfriend of 7 years, Olivia, who has been my angel and taught me how to embrace life at every turn.

And I ride for my amazing friends, many of whom are part of Team Buster, who have put up with me for all these years....!!  

This event means everything to me and I thank everyone for their donations <3




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