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Gia Fruscione

Team Name:  Team Suzi G
Years Participated: Fifth Year

Location:   New York, NY:

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Fundraising Goal
$15,935 Fundraising total
$15,935 Fundraising total
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Gia Fruscione
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Team Suzi G is back for our 3rd year - Raising money to beat ovarian cancer!

As many of you know, my mom has been bravely battling ovarian cancer since June, 2017. She had two brief remissions, but the cancer keeps returning. Ovarian cancer has no cure. It is often not found until the late stages (stage III or IV), because its symtoms are vague and there is no screening tool. 

My mom was diagnosed at 66 years old. She was a very fit and otherwise healthy woman, feeling a little bit bloated for a few days when her world turned upside down. Within two weeks of diagnosis she had already undergone two surgeries at MSK, her colon was bipased with an ostomy and she was quickly put on chemotherapy to control the disease. 

She is still battling today, thanks to her amazing team at Memorial Sloan Kettering led by her oncologist, Dr. Jason Konner. 

In the past two years, Team Suzi G has raised more than $225,000 for Dr. Konner's ovarian cancer research at MSK. Research that wouldn't otherwise be funded without philanthropic gifts.

Help us break our $150k goal!

100% of every donation goes directly to ovarian cancer research at MSK within 6 months of the ride! 

Thank you in advance for your ongoing support.  

Everyone knows someone affected by cancer.  

I'm working to help fund the minds who can find the answers.

With Love & Gratitude,


50% of People with Cancer Have a Rare Cancer

Did you know that, when combined, about half of all patients fighting cancer are fighting a rare cancer? These are cancers you’ve likely heard of — such as leukemia, lymphoma, thyroid, ovarian, brain, pancreatic, and all pediatric cancers.

100% of Your Donation Supports Research

Every dollar you give funds innovative studies and clinical trials led by Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK). Discoveries made by MSK revolutionize how cancer is diagnosed and treated, helping patients everywhere.

6 Months for Fast Impact

Rare cancer research is underfunded, and too often people don’t have proven treatments. Time matters. Your gift will be in the hands of researchers six months after fundraising ends and, as a donor, you will learn about the projects supported.


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