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Jessica Nable

Team Name:  The Other Sam's Club
Years Participated: Second Year

Location:   Greenwich, CT:

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$849 Fundraising total
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On March 7, 2020, for my second year, I’m riding in a Cycle for Survival event to raise money for rare cancer research. This cause is near and dear to me because in March 2018 my friend Samantha Mann was diagnosed with an extremely rare type of sarcoma--a CIC rearranged-DUX4 small round blue cell tumor. A cancer so rare that only 500 known cases are diagnosed worldwide each year.

Sam spent 10 months receiving chemotherapy. By the numbers, this totaled 14 treatments; 26 days hooked up; 208 hours putting poison in her body. Chemo ended in January 2019, followed by 18 visits back to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK). Blood work, doctor's appointments, MRIs, ultrasounds and PET scans. All of which, I am happy to report, have come back CLEAN!

50% of people that have cancer actually have a rare cancer, like Sam, and these cancers are largely underfunded. We can change that.

Our team was able to raise $115,000 last year, which we were able to put toward a researcher looking into Sam’s specific type of cancer. This funding makes a world of difference. In the past 40 years, only one new drug has been introduced/approved by the FDA to treat sarcoma. This year, because of funds from Cycle for Survival, SIX new therapies have been submitted and are waiting for approval.

Additionally, MSK is working to develop an AYA (adolescent and young adult) program with Cycle funds. The program aims to help patients aged 15-39 who are diagnosed with cancer that face different challenges than those younger or older. Everything from childcare during treatment, therapy and social work, and help with careers during and after treatment. These are additional stressors that this vulnerable community faces that can be alleviated.

Your gift will make a difference in the lives of so many.

Thank you for your support!


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