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Nell Shapiro

Team Name:  The Other Sam's Club
Years Participated: Second Year

Location:   Greenwich, CT:

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Fundraising Goal
$250 Fundraising total
$250 Fundraising total

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Fundraising Honor Roll
Nell & Dan


It has been just over 1 year since our best friend Sam had her last round of chemo. And before that, Sam went through a year of hell, AND FOUGHT LIKE HELL, to beat the brutal nightmare that was her cancer.

Sam spent a total of 10 months receiving chemotherapy. 26 days hooked up, and 208 hours putting poison in her body.

Through it all, Sam faced cancer with the heart and soul of a warrior, and she's become an absolute champion of the cause; bringing people together, speaking in front of thousands, and giving countless hours of her time to raise awareness and funds for rare cancer research so that someday - hopefully soon - moms, dads, grandparents and children won't have to endure what she and her family went through.

While her specific type of sarcoma was incredibly rare and very little was known about it, Sam isn't at all alone in the battle with a rare cancer. In fact, 50% of people with cancer actually have a rare cancer, most of which you have probably heard of. But these cancers are LARGELY underfunded. We can change that.

In just 3 weeks, we're riding in the 2nd annual Cycle for Survival alongside Sam, Dave and a bunch of other friends/family to raise as much money as we can for rare cancer research.

Last year our team was able to raise $115,000, which we were able to direct towards Sam's specific type of cancer. Let's keep this going and raise even more this year. Please donate to our ride today.

 100% of Your Donation Supports Research

Every dollar you give funds innovative studies and clinical trials led by Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK). Discoveries made by MSK revolutionize how cancer is diagnosed and treated, helping patients everywhere.

6 Months for Fast Impact
Time matters. Your gift will be in the hands of researchers six months after fundraising ends and, as a donor, you will learn about the projects supported.  


Your gift can give people with rare cancers a better future through new and improved treatments. Since 2007, Cycle for Survival supporters have provided resources to hundreds of doctors and scientists to pursue bold ideas that have led to the FDA approval of new drugs, lifesaving clinical trials, and four state-of-the-art DNA sequencers that are aiding in key cancer discoveries.


Thank you!

Nell & Dan


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