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Charles Ortel

Team Name:  Cycle for Clarissa
Years Participated: First Year

Location:   New York, NY:

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In June 2012, my ex-wife Clarissa Bushman, was given sudden, horrible news. Otherwise well, hailing from families with little prevalence of cancer, her doctors initially told her she had at most five years to live, and that her end could easily come much sooner, with little warning. 
Clarissa was a fighter--after struggles with her intial caregivers, she found her way to Sloan Kettering where it became clear that her case was, like too many today, a rare and unusual type of affliction. Treatments varied, symptoms changed, there were desperate moments, yet there were also high points. Those included the many days, months, and even years that she was able to bond with our children, commune with her parents, and enjoy much that life offers us with her closest friends, new and old.
On the 15th of December 2018, my children learned the meaning of the word 'never' when Clarissa's indomitable spirit left a physical form that could not repel cancer's onslaught. Out of her struggles, perhaps there may be opportunity. The team of researchers and caregivers at MSK brought Clarissa 18 addition months of life with the substantial intellectual, and other resources they already have. Just imagine what they can do for the too many others who find themselves in Clarissa's place - too soon in life, too soon for children, parents and friends, fighting a seemingly implacable foe.
So, I write to you now, vouching that Sloan Kettering's research team is worthy of financial support. I will be donating (anonymously, as is my practice) until we actually cure this dreaded disease. Please feel free to follow my lead, or, if you wish to make a one time gift in your name, I will do my best to thank you personally for your support.
As is true in real life, here in America, the tens of millions of persons who make donations that each may be small in numerical terms, band together to overwhelm even the better known major donors with the power of their heartfelt generosity. Each dollar raised will go directly to this worthy cause, and each dollar is gratefully received.
Thank you for considering a gift for this cause in whatever way you decide may be most appropriate.

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