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Teen Ride | Summit, NJ

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Event Captain:  Louise R Dietmann
Event Type:  Create Your Own Fundraiser
Location:  Equinox Summit (68 River Rd)

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Fundraising Goal
Event Honor Roll
Teen Ride | Summit, NJ - Raised
Louise Dietmann $0.00
Eve Armstrong $0.00
Izzi Askinazy $125.00
Reed Becker $70.00
Elinor Behlman $120.00
Mia Bernstein $360.00
Ava Bickel $60.00
Casey Borella $17,721.00
Anna Bradley $0.00
Sam Brady $100.00
Adira Brenner $102.00
Charlotte Brookes-La Blanc $20.00
Claire Brown $0.00
Matti Bruskof $100.00
Quinn Cappiello $130.00
Christina Carbo $0.00
Olivia Champeau $250.00
Gabrielle Chay $100.00
Bea Chin $100.00
Eli Colen $330.00
Robert D'Alessandro $600.00
Carolyn D'Auria $310.00
Ciara Daly $150.00
Mackenzie Day $460.00
Dylan Dennis $50.00
Maya Deogun $100.00
Alan Di Geronimo $540.00
Jeremiah Druckenmiller $100.00
Andie Earl $360.00
Jodi And Andrew Eisner $50.00
Natalia Espinosa Dice $1,100.00
Bella Farron $50.00
Sydney Fishman $0.00
Erica Giurlando $210.00
Sophie Grabelle $70.00
Cece Gunning $145.00
Dylan Gutterman $50.00
Kristin Halvey $0.00
Lily Hartman $25.00
Ruby Mae Heathman $100.00
Nikki Heifler $100.00
Rose Hinoul $100.00
Charlotte Holmes $120.00
Addie Holt $20.00
Caroline Hoyt $1,040.00
Reilly Hughes $0.00
Cole Jacobson $0.00
Sahai John $60.00
Liza Jonasz $2,138.00
Stephanie Katz $235.00
Jadyn Kestenbaum $50.00
Maya Kittles $0.00
Sydney Klein $100.00
Helene Korn $50.00
Samuel Kornreich $250.00
Daniella Krenteras $330.00
Nicoleta Krenteras $430.00
Caitlin Ladda $100.00
Sammi Laham $60.00
Lindsey Lenchner $50.00
Aliza Lev $59.00
Brooke Levine $0.00
Lindsey Levine $0.00
Sara Levine $100.00
Alexa Levitt $175.00
Dylan Levitt $175.00
Bella Liu $140.00
Grace Liu $0.00
Isabel Lucas $420.00
Amanda Mack $0.00
Melissa Mager $50.00
Alexis Malin $100.00
Adam Margolis $0.00
Sydney Masur $100.00
Evie Maxwell $170.00
Kate McEwan $20.00
Jamen Meistrich $0.00
Daniela Mera $10.00
Kristin Meyer $0.00
Natalie Morral $775.00
Patrick Morriseau $20.00
Jemma Nelson $0.00
Sabrina Noble $100.00
Grace Nonnon $0.00
Sophia Nunez $100.00
Evie Oakes $0.00
Sofia Parente $350.00
Jonathan Park $200.00
Emily Pawlak $25.00
Cassie Polanskyj $735.00
Ellie Potischman $270.00
Sam Prince $136.00
Sanaa Richard $0.00
Isabella Rivillo $10.00
Meghan Robinson $200.00
Kyra Rude $100.00
Alyssa Rukshin $0.00
Abby Russman $250.00
Adi Saigal $60.00
Caroline Sakovits $500.00
Ryan Salzman $100.00
Sophie Saraisky $30.00
Arielle Scheichet $0.00
Brian Scott $0.00
Craig Scott $0.00
Ella Shapiro $50.00
Caroline Sheffet $100.00
Ben & Allie Sherman Sherman $18.00
Jessie Sherman $25.00
Julie Silberman $335.00
Natalie Silberman $335.00
Louisa Skerry $325.00
Simon Skerry $50.00
Alina Smith $0.00
Becca Smith $275.00
Elijah Smith $250.00
Max South $150.00
Ali Strauss $50.00
Shaina Struncis $100.00
Hsien Swee $75.00
Evan Tamasco $470.00
Owen Tamasco $400.00
Anna Tamke $0.00
Birgitta Taylor-Lillquist $100.00
Jonas Taylor-Lillquist $0.00
Gardner Temkin $200.00
Julia Thompson $100.00
Marc Tiegel $60.00
Clara Turck $0.00
Vivian Turner $690.00
Cady Wang $0.00
Marissa Weber $0.00
Griffin Weil $100.00
Kate Weinstein $120.00
Zoe Weisman $205.00
Amanda Weitz $50.00
Claire Whipple $0.00
Evan Williams $250.00
Claire Willis $600.00
Alia Yousuf $60.00
Lily Yustein $115.00
Talia Yustein $100.00
Sarah Zoller $86.00
Team Gifts $0.00
Denotes a Team Captain

JOIN THE BATTLE. Beat Rare Cancers.


Join Cycle for Survival’s Teen Ride in Summit on Saturday, February 2 and beat rare cancers.


The case-sensitive password to join is: Summit2019 

 Parents must register their teen rider and all Teen Ride participants must be 14-17 years old.


Cycle for Survival is the movement to beat rare cancers. Through its signature indoor, team cycling events, Cycle for Survival has raised over $180 million and helped fund pioneering clinical trials and innovative research studies and initiatives led by Memorial Sloan Kettering.


Cycle for Survival is excited to host Summit’s seventh 
Teen Ride—a high-energy event dedicated to teens—this season! This special, 30-minute session for 14-17 year olds allows teens to join the adults in their life in the battle to beat rare cancers like never before.


The Teen Ride will take place on Saturday, February 2 from 5-5:30pm at 

Equinox: Summit, capping off an incredible day of celebration, cycling and hope. 


100% of every dollar goes directly to lifesaving rare cancer research. 


The case-sensitive password to join is: Summit2019 

Parents must register their teen rider and all Teen Ride participants must be 14-17 years of age.



If you have any questions, please contact Louise at


Why do we ride?
We ride to honor brave family and friends touched by cancer. Cycle for Survival is our way of fighting back by raising support and hope for better treatment options for people with rare cancers—especially for kids battling the disease. 


How can you help?
Give a gift to our Cycle for Survival ride!  You can support the whole teen team or an individual rider.  Every dollar goes directly to promising pediatric cancer research.

Together, we can bring new and better treatments to patients worldwide!





The Cycle for Survival Web page and e-mail are provided as a courtesy to participants to help them manage fundraising efforts for this event. Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center or any of its affiliated organizations, or their officers, directors, agents, or employees do not control, nor are they responsible for, the contents of this Web page. Any views or information provided on this Web page are the sole responsibility of the participant.

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