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"Team Mark"

In Memory of Mark Adkins



On May 11th, 2018 the world lost one of its absolute best. Mark was a loving husband, kind father and caring friend. With a generous spirit, he was always there to contribute and lend his many talents to a good cause.

Mark fought tirelessly in his battle against stage 4 pancreatic cancer. For months, he received phenomenal care by devoted doctors and nurses and was fortunate enough to have had access to the best therapies available to date. But above all else, it was his determination and positive attitude that made all the difference in his fight. 

We honor his memory this year as “Team Mark” in the Terry Fox Run in Central Park.

Mark and I started attending the NY Terry Fox Run back in 2002 when we first moved to NYC as Canadian ex-pats. Over the years, we went from a couple of twenty somethings stylishly running the length in Lululemon, to pushing jogging strollers, walking with coffees and baby carriers, and in recent years, trying to keep up the pace with our two boys!

We hope you can join us on October 13th to run, jog, or leisurely walk in support of this great cause and honor the memory of our family’s fearless leader. We miss him every day.


Jake, Rye and Wendy


We're raising money the Terry Fox Run for cancer research in New York City.

100% of every dollar you give supports new research directed by Dr. Renier Brentjens at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK). Dr. Brentjens’ lab focuses on immunotherapy research to treat acute and chronic leukemias.

"No matter how promising the research or how inspired the scientists, nothing can happen without the resources to fund the work. We now have many reasons to feel hopeful about using T cells in the treatment of many kinds of cancer, and we wouldn't be where we are without the support from organizations like The Terry Fox Run." ~ Dr. Renier Brentjens

Cancer touches too many lives and hits too close to home, so we are doing what we can to stop this terrible disease. We are committed to raising money to help fund Dr. Brentjens’ research at MSK, and need your help. Please make any size donation to join us in this fight!

None of Dr. Brentjens’ research would have been possible without the resources from donors like you. Since the Terry Fox Run for cancer research in New York City began more than two decades ago, over $3 million has been raised. Just a reminder: 100% of your gift goes to research. Be a part of the fight in ending cancer, donate today! 


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