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Welcome to My Fred's Team Page

Name: Mark Kris
Event: NYRR Five-Borough Series
Date: 12/31/2018


6 NOV 2018

Congratulations to all the Fred's Team Runners who ran the TCS NYC Marathon. You are an inspiration.

Mission accomplished. I completed my 5 Borough Journey on 14 OCT 2018 in Staten Island. The SI race qualified me for the NY Half next March. I signed up the next day. I will be back for another 5 Borough jaunt in 2019.

Thank you all for your support. It's not to late to donate again if the spirit moves you. The money will go to our best and brighest doctors on the front lines of the lung cancers fight.

1 OCT 2018

The Bronx never looked more beautiful. The Concourse was truly Grand. It was a great day to run. One more borough to go on 14 OCT 18.

18 JUN 18

Quite a run at the Queens 10K. I thought I was back at the NY World's Fair with this year's crazy route over all the paths of Flushing Meadow Park. I knew I was back in 2018 when, despite not being able to get "It's a Small World" out of my head, I could not find a place to get a Tab or a Belgian Waffle. As always, the ride on the 7 train was as memorable an experience as the race itself. It took me 3 miles to wake up but finished strong. Thanks again to everyone who supports me and the MSK TOS team in our efforts to push to a cure for lung cancers.

On to "The Concourse" on 30 SEP 18.

19 MAY 18

The Brooklyn Half was not to be for MGK. The NY Half will count for both Manhattan and Brooklyn in my 5 borough trek.

On to Queens.

18 MAR 2018

I just completed the United NYC Half Marathon.....a great experience on this exciting new two borough course including a run over the Manhattan bridge. It was freezing. I tried to congratulate Fred's Mentor John Fiore at the finish line and discovered my lips were frozen. Some would say limiting my oral activity for any period of time was a good thing. For those folks, sorry to say I'm all thawed out and back to my talkative self.

The support from the crowd was tremendous. Within minutes of leaving the start I heard the first "Go Fred's Team". The cheers for Fred's Team continued to the finish line. Thank you to all who did the shouting and the donating.

On to Brooklyn, or rather,  back to Brooklyn on 19 MAY 2018 for the next leg of my 5 borough journey.

May Fred be with you.

He's baaaaack.

Now is the time to make a difference!

Even though I have now joined the ranks of Americans that have reached full retirement age, I  plan on completing races in all 5 boroughs to raise awareness of the fight against lung cancers and  research dollars to support MSK's best and brightest physicians on the front lines of the fight:  Jamie Chaft, Alex Drilon, Matt Hellmann, Helena Yu, and Marjorie Zauderer. Their energy, skills, and smarts are our best weapons to deliver better lives for persons with lung cancers today and cures tomorrow. Opportunities for discovery and options for patients have never been greater. Please join me with your good wishes along my routes, unwavering support for persons and families facing lung cancers, and open checkbooks. 









Now is the time!

May Fred be With You.





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