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Colleen Fisher

Team Name:  Team Rockstar - Bethesda
Years Participated: Eighth Year

Location:   Bethesda, MD:

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It’s been eight years of asks and eight years of rides. But I’ve never been more encouraged about beating rare cancer than I am right now. Why? YOU.

For starters, your dollars have had REAL IMPACT. Back in November, Memorial Sloan-Kettering announced FDA approval of a new precision medicine called larotrectinib, the first drug to target genetic mutations in tumors — and it works. This breakthrough genetic-mapping research was not only FUNDED by Cycle for Survival dollars, but the equipment to do the study was BOUGHT with Cycle for Survival dollars. Scientists are calling this “a major milestone in the battle against cancer,” and it’s YOUR contributions that made is possible. See the breaking NBC Nightly News coverage of this amazing new treatment here:

With every penny from every donation going to this type of life-saving research within six months of event day, and the impact of Cycle for Survival funding could NOT be more real. This is proof. 

With this year’s Cycle for Survival ride in Bethesda coming up on Feb. 24th, my 94 TEAM ROCKSTAR teammates and I are working harder than ever to secure record-breaking funding to help those to who receive a rare cancer diagnosis the best thing we can — HOPE.

To date, TEAM ROCKSTAR has raised more than $1.6 million (!!!) since 2012, but this year it’s more personal than ever. One of our own, Amy Wolverton, a teammate since Day 1, continues to fight her disease — literally jumping from one treatment option to the next — or what I call lilipad to lilipad — for a decade now, hoping for a breakthrough. I’ve actually learned a lot about cancer from Amy including that, in addition to battling an awful disease, you also battle insurance companies, drug companies and trial coordinators. As anyone who’s been on the wrong side of the cancer conversation knows, advocating for treatment is a full-time job.

And, to illustrate just how merciless cancer can be, Amy's own mom was diagnosed with late-stage pancreatic cancer just this summer.

Yet, despite all of this, despite endless chemo that has left holes in her bones and left her teeth loose, despite radiation treatment that ended just this past Thursday for a tumor in her skull the size of a bar of soap, and even despite a recent failed clinical trial that tried to rob her of her sight, Amy remains a Rockstar through and through —worried about her friends, her family and, more than anything, this cause.

Still, curing cancer is EXPENSIVE. Last week, Cycle for Survival hit a major milestone with $200 MILLION raised since its start in 2007 — an unprecedented milestone — but there is still work to do.

Rare cancers aren’t rare when they happen to people we love. It’s for that reason and that reason alone that I continue to get on the bike.

I invite you support this revolutionizing rare cancer research. No gift is too small. (And, thanks to the A. James and Alice B. Clark Foundation, 15 Bethesda/DC fundraisers with the highest donations made before THIS FRIDAY, Feb. 15th will be each receive a $5,000 boost to their fundraising totals!) Join us, and help TEAM ROCKSTAR be a cancer-fighting game-changer! That link to donate is right here.

With so much love and gratitude,

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