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This One's For You, Uncle Steve!

Name: Andrew Scharf
Event: TCS New York City Marathon
Date: November 4, 2018


Dear Friends & Family,

Steven Greenberg, my "Uncle Steve," was one of the greatest people I have ever known. His generosity and kindness knew no bounds and he was, quite simply, one of a kind. Those of us who were lucky to know him can attest to his extraordinary strength of character, keen intellect, impeccable eye for detail, boundless energy and a truly indescribable joie de vivre.

Tragically, Uncle Steve left us far too soon, as he was struck down by a lethal form of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. His legacy lives on in many ways. His charitable foundation has bequeathed over $50 million to medical institutions in New York City including major gifts to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and New York Presbyterian Hospital. These enormous gifts are making a huge impact in curing cancer once and for all.

I started running after Uncle Steven passed away and it became an integral part of my life. I was trying to think of the best way to honor his legacy and could think of no better way than to run in the quintessential New York City sporting event, the TCS New York City Marathon. I decided to run with Fred's Team, Sloan Kettering's group of runners who raise money for the hospital.

Why did I choose the Marathon? For those of us who knew Uncle Steve, he epitomized the Big Apple. Everyone in this town knew him, and he knew everyone. He rarely left New York and in fact, during the thirty years I was blessed to call him my Uncle, he only left town twice (that I know of). He loved the excitement of Marathon Sunday and the buzz in his city on this most special Sunday.

This year I am again running with Fred's Team. It will be my fourth marathon and my first race since I had my hip reconstructed the day after cheering on the runners from the sidelines during the 2017 Marathon. It is always special to put on my shirt the day of the big race. On the back, in big letters, it says: "This One's For You, Uncle Steve!" During the race people often ask who Uncle Steve was and I'm happy to share with them a few great stories about this one-of-a-kind person (in between gasping for air)!

I am always a top-10 fundraiser for Fred's Team thanks to YOUR HELP AND SUPPORT. I have personally raised over $100,000 for Sloan Kettering just through plodding around the streets of New York City at a snail's pace. I am again asking for your support. It means so much, not just to me, but to Sloan Kettering, its patients, and everyone affected by this tragic illness.

100% of every dollar you donate goes directly to cancer research. I am asking you to kindly consider a generous donation in memory of my Uncle Steve, and in honor of all those affected by cancer. Together, we can make a difference and together we can find a cure for cancer! I AM COUNTING ON YOU!!!

I'm running and raising money with Fred's Team to support critical cancer research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK). I’m committed to making a difference in the lives of countless people touched by cancer.

By donating to my race, you can help give doctors and researchers at MSK the funding they need to make groundbreaking discoveries and conduct lifesaving clinical trials. Every dollar raised is another great stride towards progress—and brings us one step closer to a world without cancer.


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Uncle Steve & Margaux Hemingway

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