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Carla Hassan

Team Name:  Noors Army
Years Participated: Seventh Year

Location:   New York, NY:

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“I’m so sorry but we found a tumor”…

I’ll never forget those words… or how for the next year we spent all of our energy trying to save our 4-year-old daughter’s life. And we were lucky. We had supportive bosses and companies. We had an army of friends and family around the world holding us up. We lived in NYC and had access to the best doctors, nurses and research at Memorial Sloan Kettering. Research that wrote the treatment plan for Wilms’ Tumor, Noor’s cancer. Research that allowed us to have confidence we had a line of sight to getting her healthy. Research that saved her life.

That day, we made a commitment that if Noor lived, we would do everything in our power to make sure we played an active role to eradicate cancer. So, that year, and every year since, "Noor’s Army" rides to raise funds for Memorial Sloan Kettering through Cycle for Survival. We started out in 2012 with one bike and 4 riders and today we've grown to 8 bikes and 32 riders. This year we are more ambitious than ever with a goal of raising $200,000! And we believe we can do it, but we will need all the support we can get! 

thank you so much for supporting our ride!!! we are so grateful 

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