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Kaitlyn O'Leary-Villasana

Team Name:  PNW Peddlers
Years Participated: Seventh Year

Location:   Seattle, WA:

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Fundraising Goal
$260 Fundraising total
$260 Fundraising total
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Kaitlyn & Diego
Tim Depue


Welcome to my Cycle for Survival page! As a 7 year cancer survivor, I couldn't be prouder to support this very worthy cause. While a patient at MSKCC, I had the utmost faith in the doctors and nurses that took care of me. The high quality care and commitment to excellence present at Sloan made my own battle with cancer comfortable and hopeful. 

I am blessed to be 7 years healthy and cancer free, but there are so many people out there who are not so lucky. The cancer I had was common and treatable. Patients with rare cancers are often charting unknown territory with clinical trials and unknown outcomes. They live in fear and anxiety, with no certainty of what lies ahead of them. Their family members live this battle with them. Cycle for Survival donates 100% of its profits to rare cancer research, to ensure that one day, all patients will have the same hope and same certainty of remission that I had while a cancer patient. 

It is for this reason that I ride. To help give the gift of hope to those who don't have it as easy as I did. 

This year is a particularly important ride for me. This year I am riding for my husband's cousin, Ricardo Siller. Ricardo is 6 months away from finishing a medical fellowship and becoming a surgeon. He has toiled for years to help others, and just months before his graduation, he was diagnosed with leukemia. Right now, he is undergoing treatment at MD Anderson Hospital in Houston, TX. We are hopeful that soon he will be in good health and will finish his medical residency. In the meantime, I ride for him, and for all those like him, who have to put their lives on hold because of this awful disease. 

I hope you will consider making a small contribution to our team. Every penny goes a long way in changing someone's life! 

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