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Emily Ross

Team Name:  Team Morse-Davis
Years Participated: Fifth Year

Location:   Boston, MA:

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Fundraising Goal
$1,185 Fundraising total
$1,185 Fundraising total
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I’m riding and raising money for rare cancer research. Will you help me make a difference by donating?

On February 8th, I will be walking into Cycle for Survival for the fifth consecutive year. It is hard to imagine this event would take on so many meanings after our first year. That is the power in the community of Cycle for Survival and the amount of people we love that cancer has touched.

The other day in my spinning class, a song started playing that made me feel grateful spinning rooms are so dark because tears started streaming down my face. As the lyrics sang “I never knew anybody until I knew you,” I thought of my Gramps. Grampums, aka Ogden, has always been “my guy” and in our family, he is “our guy.” He is our family’s best teacher, full of words of wisdom, kindness, and humor. And I never knew just how much he is a part of who I am until this past year. Gramps has battled prostate cancer for over 20 years. However this year, cancer has been particularly cruel to my guy.

Last year, we expanded our team from Team Morse to Team Morse-Davis. Our family has grown up with the Davis Family since my younger sister, Rebecca, and Andrew’s younger sister, Hannah played soccer together. You may have spotted Hannah Davis, our spirited blonde team member in our CFS pictures last year. She is Andrew’s younger sister and I used to babysit for both of them growing up. I still remember Andrew bopping in from hockey practice, always with a smile on his face. Cancer was also unusually cruel to the Davis Family. Andrew was diagnosed with a rare cancer and passed away entirely too soon, at just 29 years old. Hannah took her devastating loss and turned it into something positive last year, riding her heart out at CFS. This year Andrew’s older sisters, Ashley, Emily, and Dad, Damien, will be joining Team Morse-Davis as well.

As always, I spin for my Aunt Vicki. I have a new saying this year; “My Aunt Vicki Superpowers.” When I’m going through a challenging situation or I just need a little extra luck, I call on my Aunt Vic for her strength and I have definitely felt her power! I know Vicki would be so proud of her girls, Alejandra and Sofia this year. Like always, they are staying busy and doing wonderful things in the world.

On February 8th, Team Morse-Davis will hop on our three bikes, let the music pump through our veins, and ride our hearts out for our family members. We will be riding for our Vicki, our Andrew, and our Gramps, and to help Memorial Sloan Kettering make sure cancer isn’t this cruel to another family. We are so thankful for your continued support.

Did you know... 

50% of People with Cancer Have a Rare Cancer
Did you know that, when combined, about half of all patients fighting cancer are fighting a rare cancer? These are cancers you’ve likely heard of — such as leukemia, lymphoma, thyroid, ovarian, brain, pancreatic, and all pediatric cancers.

100% of Your Donation Supports Research
Every dollar you give funds innovative studies and clinical trials led by Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK). Discoveries made by MSK revolutionize how cancer is diagnosed and treated, helping patients everywhere.

6 Months for Fast Impact
Rare cancer research is underfunded, and too often people don’t have proven treatments. Time matters. Your gift will be in the hands of researchers six months after fundraising ends and, as a donor, you will learn about the projects supported.

Thank you!


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