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Welcome to My Fred's Team Page

Name: Shari Goldberg
Team: #BelieveInJG
Event: TCS New York City Marathon
Date: November 5, 2017

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Dear Friends and Family,

I am running the 2017 NYC marathon with Team #BelieveinJG (or in my mind Team #Ican’tBelieveI’mRunning) for many reasons. First and foremost, I am running this race for my husband, Josh. The person who has shown me what true dedication, determination, fight and fierce will can do. Watching him every day amazes me. His determination has inspired my determination.

I am running for every person, family, and community affected by cancer.

I am running with tremendous gratitude and enormous humility for MSKCC and every doctor, family member, friend and stranger who has touched our family.

I am running for all of the supporters and runners of Team #BelieveinJG in last years (and hopefully this year's marathon). The outpouring of support in last year’s marathon is what fueled Josh and me to continue to push beyond our limits. Through your financial, emotional, and spiritual support, you gave us hope, happiness, strength, love, and life.

I am running for all of you, the community of team #BelieveinJG, old and new members (membership is free and if you get this email, or have come to a chemo session, or have ever met Josh or me, or have ever even heard of the word cancer, then you are a member) because we all deserve to live in a world where what we are experiencing doesn't happen to anyone else. While I am focused on the finish line, you all have allowed me to understand a little bit more about the journey to get there. Though all of our journeys have challenges, incredible things can happen on the way and Team #BelieveinJG is definitely one of them. Thank you for being a member of the team.

And last, I am running for me and my children. Although at times finding the cure for this disease might seem impossible, I think to myself that if I can complete this marathon, something that I thought was impossible, I will prove that the impossible can be possible. I will prove that it IS possible for all of us and our children to please GD live in a cancer free world.

As someone who hoped never to be the recipient of any of the kindness that has been shown to us, I want you to understand, every partner of Team #BelieveinJG teaches me the blessing of receiving. And in that spirit, I am asking each of you to support Team #BelieveinJG, either again or for the first time. While we imagine a world without cancer, and pray for a world without cancer, please join me and help make me try to make this prayer a reality.


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