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Welcome to My Personal Page

Name: Cindy Martins
Event: TCS New York City Marathon
Date: November 4, 2018




It seems as if every day someone we know is diagnosed with cancer...our loved ones, family members, friends, neighbors, colleagues and children.  I am running the NYC Marathon this November as a member of Fred's Team to support the meaningful work of the Francis X. Ahearn Sr. Foundation and their commitment to enrich the lives of cancer patients and their families.  By donating to my race, you can help the FXA Sr. Foundation have an immediate impact on the lives of families who are experiencing the physical, mental and financial strains that accompany ongoing cancer treatment.   

While doctors and researchers are making great strides every day to find a cure for cancer, the FXA Sr. Foundation makes a difference in the lives of those undergoing cancer treatments by providing financial assistance where needed.  Battling cancer and suffering through treatments is difficult enough.  By providing grants to cover rent, utilities, car payments and other expenses, the FXA Sr. Foundation enables families to focus their energies on what matters most--caring for their loved ones and beating cancer. 

This will be my second NYC Marathon.  I ran it in 2003 for Fred's Team before I knew Frank and Lisa and before I was personally affected by cancer.  Since that race, I have lost my father and a dear friend to cancer, watched as others close to me have lost their loves ones to cancer, and stand by family and friends who have been diagnosed. I have a lot of training ahead of me, but every day that I run will be in honor of all those we know and love who are bravely fighting this disease, as well as those who lost their battle.  I hope you can help me to further the amazing work of the FXA Sr. Foundation!!  Thank you!!!




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