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Event: Kids Walk NYC
Date: May 6, 2017


On May 6th, my family will once again be leading TEAM ROAR in Kids Walk for kids with cancer. Kids Walk is an upbeat, family-friendly walkathon that supports pediatric cancer research at MSK.  3 years ago, Scarlett, Austin, Robert and I came to Central Park to see what Kids Walk was all about.  Scarlett was still very weak but she wanted to get outside and see some friends and pretend for a few minutes that she was not a child battling cancer.  We borrowed a stroller from a friend and pushed her over to the park. What we found there was completely overwhelming.  As we entered the Kids Walk area we saw Scarlett and Austin’s classmates and teachers from First Presbyterian Nursery School, Sacred Heart and Buckley. We were quickly surrounded by old friends, colleagues and family. What an amazing sight it was to see everyone coming together to join the battle against cancer and to support their friends, Scarlett and Austin.  It reminded our family that we were not fighting this battle alone. 


For 26 months, I watched my daughter struggle. I watched her in the fight of her life. Today, i am watching her flourish!  I am grateful to say that my 10 year old daughter is a CANCER SURVIVOR!! This week she had her first visit with the Long Term Care Team who will monitor Scarlett for long term side effects such as secondary cancers, heart conditions and other horrible things that are the result of the intensive chemo and radiation that she received.  I know Peds Cancer Research is constantly evolving and I am hopeful that the future for cancer survivors will continue to get brighter.  That is why we walk.  We walk to fuel research that will treat cancer with targeted drugs that will result in less harmful therapies. We walk to raise awareness. Ultimately, we walk to find the cure.

Inspired by Malala, Scarlett knows that one person - even if that person is only 10 years old, can start a movement.  Scarlett dreams of not only being the courageous 6 year old girl who bravely battled cancer but also as the little girl who inspired her family, her friends, her classmates and her community to come together to support research that will lead to a cure for ALL children with cancer.  I hope that you will join Scarlett and our family on May 6th as we come together to celebrate childhood cancer survivors like Scarlett while we honor those that were lost and support those that are still battling this dreaded disease.

Come walk with us on May 6th in Central Park!  It’s going to be a day filled with laughter and joy!

In closing I wanted to share a poem that Scarlett wrote at school last year:

I am lucky because……there is MSK to help me survive cancer.

 I am lucky to have fresh water and food.

I feel lucky to have doctors and to have the opportunity to ride horses.


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Jennifer James $3,631.00
Kaila Abdel-Meguid $75.00
Michelle Ackerman $2,080.00
Travis Acquavella $555.00
Lorri Ahl $290.00
Joyce Allaire Cooney $140.00
Karen Amen $555.00
Emily Anderson $290.00
Ellen Ball $140.00
Jennifer Berger $155.00
Neil Berger $125.00
Tara Bishop $570.00
Sonya Bogaars $305.00
Andrea Burns $1,055.00
Natalia Cabrera $125.00
Claire Capello $1,025.00
Ashley Carlson $50.00
John Carlson $640.00
Jennifer Carlston $290.00
Val Celona $240.00
Hester Chang $290.00
Jack Chefetz $2,635.00
Melanie Chisholm $355.00
Meaghan Chorske $90.00
Ashley Christopher $155.00
Monique Cunningham $140.00
Sylvia Decourcey $660.00
Erin Dere $140.00
Robert Doyna $275.00
Rudi K. Dubois $0.00
Cass Durant $100.00
Beth Emswiler $140.00
Maria Etchebarne $155.00
William Ettelson $290.00
Gretchen Fenton $55.00
Anjele Fischer $555.00
Robert Fitzpatrick $25.00
Claudia Fleming $555.00
Jen Foyle $540.00
Tracey Frost-Rensky $775.00
Cori Galdo $275.00
Clifford Gelb $200.00
Kristen Genovese $140.00
Ella Gershon $1,390.00
Erik Gray $190.00
Kate Gray $50.00
Jennifer Hand $540.00
Courtney Hardart $290.00
Heather Hertz $25.00
Wandy Hoh $570.00
Susanna Hong $540.00
Stefanie Kane $240.00
Dimitar Karastoyanov $25.00
Mitko Karastoyanov $25.00
Boriana Karastoyanova $25.00
Zlatka Karastoyanova $50.00
ZLatka Karastoyanova $25.00
Megan Kearney $585.00
Elizabeth Kennedy $0.00
Alycia Kilpatrick $290.00
Brennan Koch $305.00
Alexandra Lawrence $125.00
Michele Lawrence $25.00
Will Lawrence $500.00
Angie Lee $305.00
Michael Lineberry $375.00
Meredith Lyons $525.00
Kate McBride $540.00
Zoe McKnight $40.00
Laura McVey $40.00
Isabel Mendoza $255.00
Alisa Mitchell $55.00
Marta Monko $250.00
Sam Myers $370.00
Anatoly NAKUM $40.00
Rena Nakum $2,342.00
Yana Nakum $1,025.00
Michele Nicoletta $540.00
Amy Pacula $0.00
kristin plym $140.00
Sarah Pruellage $25.00
Elizabeth Reid $540.00
Diane Reidy Lagunes $555.00
Nathalie Rembisz $40.00
Trish Riedel $125.00
Chad Ritchie $125.00
Louise Santacruz $1,638.00
Beth Saunders $80.00
Merretta Schmelzkopf $3,095.00
James Schukal $500.00
Robert Schukal $85.00
Jill Schwartz $540.00
Timna Sherman $25.00
Jennifer Siegert $250.00
Christina Springer $280.00
Anitha Srinivasan $40.00
Crystal Tandon $140.00
Heather Vrattos $290.00
William Vrattos $275.00
Lynne White $0.00
Sally Young $1,875.00
Evangeline Yung $275.00
Team Gifts $61,436.00
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