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Team: Pauliestrong
Event: Kids Walk NYC
Date: May 6, 2017


We're raising money for pediatric cancer research with Kids Walk.

100% of every dollar you give supports new research led by the Department of Pediatrics at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK). MSK takes care of more kids with cancer than any other hospital in the world—leading the way in cutting-edge treatments. MSK uses its expertise to discover new ways to help children fight cancer—worldwide.

Cancer can be especially difficult for young patients. Today, doctors and researchers at MSK aim to develop more effective therapies for children going through treatment. This brings us one step closer to stopping the disease and letting kids return to their lives outside of a hospital.

Pediatric cancer research is underfunded. Together, let's make a difference in the lives of kids facing cancer. Just a reminder: 100% of your gift goes to research. Donate today!


Our Mission is to continue raising awareness and funding for Pediatric Cancer Research.

Paul Ulysses Jimenez- Our son, our world was taken from us way too early. In October 2015, our 10 year old son, Paul was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma, a rare cancer that forms on soft tissue. While we fought tirelessly alongside Paulie in an attempt to beat this horrible disease, it ultimately took his life just 2 and half months later on January 5th 2016.

Paul was such a happy and loving child. We will forever remember his infectious smile and laugh. He saw the good in everybody and anyone who was lucky enough to have met him instantly knew how special he was. My heart is forever broken knowing that I will never spend time building our Lego sets together, never watch him play sports, ride his bike, play with his friends and cousins or teach his sisters in ways that only an amazing big brother can. We will never again be a complete family. Paul taught us so much about being strong and we will spend the rest of our time on this earth making him proud of us. Paul was wise beyond his years and it was his idea when he was diagnosed to create a campaign to raise funds to find a cure for cancer. We learned a lot about the lack of funding that goes to help find a cure for pediatric cancer and we will continue Paulie's mission to raise awareness and raise funding to help all children who have to endure battles with cancer. This disease cannot be allowed to continue to take our children from us. At night we will huddle in our bed with our daughters and cry ourselves to sleep missing a huge part of our family. PaulieStrong is not just a name of the foundation or slogan for t-shirt. #PaulieStrong is how we will live every day that we have left on this earth. This little boy taught us more than we ever taught him and we will all live #‎PaulieStrong in his honor. We love you Paulie. Edie, Juliette , Mommy and I love you and will miss you forever. Cancer is the #1 disease killer of children in the United States according to the National Cancer Institute, with nearly 16,000 children and adolescents diagnosed each year. And yet, less than 4 percent of all funding from the National Cancer Institute goes to research into childhood cancers. Most clinical trials are to treat adults.

In the last 20 years, only two major drugs have been developed for children. - Funds raised through The PaulieStrong Foundation will go directly to the Pediatric Oncology Team at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC to help fund research into pediatric sarcomas. Whether you are able to give now or not, helping us spread the word about our cause would be greatly appreciated. Together we can make a difference.


Fundraising Goal
Fundraising Total
Team Honor Roll
Pauliestrong Raised
Paul and Joanna Jimenez $155.00
Xavier Acevedo $25.00
Kate Alini $755.00
Amir Amirrezvani $5,535.00
Ny Auto Giant $5,279.00
Jessica Bollen $55.00
Sean Bradley $332.00
Craig Carroll $335.00
Neal Craparo $150.00
Gina Douvas $310.00
Toni Anne Fardette $1,935.00
Margaret Gardini $500.00
Nicholas Gardini $25.00
Dennis Grubelic $25.00
Sharon Gutstadt $190.00
Theodora Hairatidis $170.00
Brian Herlihy $170.00
Iris Jimenez $75.00
Joanna Jimenez $0.00
Gina Koutros $220.00
Elena Kreatsoulas $25.00
Peter Kreatsoulas $25.00
Theodora Kreatsoulas $100.00
Irisol Lugo $430.00
Laura Ramsay $120.00
Jennifer Scarpati $590.00
Olivia Scarpati $25.00
Sam Scarpati $1,335.00
Tom Scarpati $25.00
Joey Silberfein $140.00
Anna Simonis $40.00
Barbara Simonis $55.00
Manuel Socorro $25.00
Paloma Socorro $25.00
Rose Socorro $110.00
Stanley Thomas $40.00
Natasha Yakovchuk $3,006.00
Akira Yamane $200.00
Team Gifts $9,436.00
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