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Team: Packer Collegiate Institute
Event: Kids Walk NYC
Date: May 6, 2017


We're raising money for pediatric cancer research with Kids Walk.

100% of every dollar you give supports new research led by the Department of Pediatrics at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK). MSK takes care of more kids with cancer than any other hospital in the world—leading the way in cutting-edge treatments. MSK uses its expertise to discover new ways to help children fight cancer—worldwide.

Cancer can be especially difficult for young patients. Today, doctors and researchers at MSK aim to develop more effective therapies for children going through treatment. This brings us one step closer to stopping the disease and letting kids return to their lives outside of a hospital.

Pediatric cancer research is underfunded. Together, let's make a difference in the lives of kids facing cancer. Just a reminder: 100% of your gift goes to research. Donate today!


Fundraising Goal
Fundraising Total
Team Honor Roll
Packer Collegiate Institute Raised
Diana Steelman $1,410.00
Michelle Abramowitz $100.00
Dario Allais $275.00
Sebastian Allais $275.00
Andres Antonio $25.00
Destini Armstrong $25.00
Isabel Arroyo $25.00
Zachary Arroyo $50.00
Asher Bank $50.00
Delia Barnett $1,245.00
Jack Beaumont $25.00
Amit Ben-Baruch $25.00
Lucy Bernstein $1,850.00
Alexander Bourtin $85.00
Brittany Boyce $25.00
Mackenzie Bunnell $65.00
Kai Carse $25.00
Evan Chen $25.00
Sarah Cole $555.00
Jasper Covey $125.00
Benjamin Crane $25.00
Cameron Crane $75.00
Jennifer Cullert $140.00
Sam Davidson $175.00
Stephane De Brechard $25.00
Elizabeth Deegan $25.00
Lia Di Bitonto $575.00
Sam Donohoe $85.00
Theo Eagle $25.00
Emma Eaton $25.00
Andrew Enger $25.00
Joshua Epstein $371.00
Blue Etienne-Gay $50.00
Lily Feldman $50.00
Georgia Fine $50.00
Dawn Fischer $55.00
Leigh Fisher Savar $40.00
Abbey Flamm $25.00
Olivia Furman $125.00
Itamar Greenfield $25.00
Saskia Grisaru $25.00
Jessica Gross $1,870.00
Madeline Gunnell $125.00
Monty Gunnell $125.00
Luke Halverstadt $25.00
Ellie Happy $25.00
Eli Harrell $25.00
Kate Harty $625.00
Sarah Harty $525.00
Ashley Hernandez $25.00
John Hillebrecht $320.00
Ava Horn $900.00
Andre Hubner $25.00
Gabriela Hubner $1,255.00
Solange Hubner $25.00
Lily Hupfel $770.00
Nigel Jaffe $25.00
Hannah jatsch $25.00
Eliza Johnson $25.00
Justin Joseph $25.00
Alexi Judge $125.00
Eleanor Kagel $9,350.00
Alice Kang $115.00
Milo Kern $25.00
Emily Kessler $70.00
Frankie Komar $25.00
Melissa Kornfeld $25.00
Jolie Krebs $50.00
Elliot Kwon $75.00
Sofia Leaf $435.00
Nathan Leibowitz $35.00
Sascha Lewit $85.00
Rhea Lieber $25.00
Katie Lobel $50.00
Anne Marie Lubrano $55.00
Kiana Lui $25.00
Eli Manier $25.00
Dante Mastropietro $25.00
Lilly Mccuddy $25.00
Ines Moix $25.00
Bill Muskopf $25.00
Vanessa Muskopf $40.00
Dylan Ng $25.00
Ethan Ng $25.00
Elizabeth Oster $85.00
Esme Ostrowitz-Levine $50.00
Chris Panczner $25.00
Will Panczner $25.00
Sophia Partow $25.00
Maribel Paulino $25.00
Nathalie Perra $435.00
Aaron Peters $25.00
Savannah Phillips-Falk $25.00
Jewel Redhead $85.00
Zachary Redhead-Leconte $385.00
Lina Rehbein $25.00
Stella Rehbein $25.00
Porter Reyes $25.00
Delilah Righter $25.00
Monica Rioja $140.00
Hawthorne Ripley $25.00
Ethan Rothschild $25.00
George Rukan $25.00
Zoe Rutkovsky $245.00
Sofia Saldanha $50.00
Avi Savar $25.00
Caleb Sciannella $275.00
Caroline Seymour $45.00
Stella Simotas $250.00
Henry Somerby $50.00
Liam Springer $25.00
Ella Spungen $2,800.01
Lily Tympanick $25.00
Olivia Wallack $25.00
Carter Weaver $335.00
Eli Weinberger $870.00
Eric Weisberg $50.00
Ethan Weisberg $25.00
Callie Worth $100.00
Peter Worth $85.00
Sarah Yankauer $125.00
Beverlly Yauri $25.00
Nitya York $125.00
Christina Young $65.00
Will Zygmuntowicz $25.00
Team Gifts $4,630.87
Denotes a Team Captain


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