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Team: Moonwalkers
Event: Kids Walk NYC
Date: May 6, 2017


In April 2015 our family began the most trying experience of our lives as we watched our beautiful, three year old daughter, Luna, undergo treatment for B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at MSK. It has been a torturous two year journey for our family, watching our brave daughter endure unbearable suffering, But we also have been amazed by her courage and the empathy she has cultivated during this experience. WIth only four months left of our treatment protocol, we are almost at the finish line and seriously hope to put this nightmare behind us forever.

Why do we walk?

Nothing is more important to us than getting Luna through this, BUT we also want to make a difference for the next generation of kids that develop this disease. If there is any chance we can give them more hope, better success rates and less pain and discomfort from the treatment than we have to try.

We also want to show Luna the amazing friends and family she has supporting her. Giving all of you, who have asked how you can help, the opportunity to foster empathy in your children through community service.

What can you do to help?

The support of our friends and family during this difficult time has been invaluable not only for our family as a whole, but also to Luna, as she fights to claim back a normal childhood - one with friends, play dates, birthday parties, school and fun celebrations. Kids walk is an opportunity to show Luna, in a fun filled day, your support and love. Being surrounded by kids who are walking by her, for her, and for all children battling cancer will be so meaningful to us all.

Where will the funds go?

Every dollar will go directly to finding more effective and less toxic treatments for kids with cancer both at MSK and around the world.

You can also walk with us by registering for Kids Walk.

Together we can make a difference!

Thank you for your support!

Fundraising Goal
Fundraising Total
Team Honor Roll
Moonwalkers Raised
Christina Di Donna $1,000.00
Casey Atre $2,675.00
Sarah Bardin $1,132.00
Conway Bate $100.00
Samantha Boardman $2,110.00
Alexandra Bolen $25.00
Pamela Brown $525.00
Nahid Butters $125.00
George Canellos $525.00
Bronwyn Charlton $355.00
Colleen Cumberpatch $0.00
Emmanuel Di Donna $525.00
Adam Durrett $25.00
Sylvana Durrett $525.00
Cheryl Floyd $135.00
Melissa Floyd $225.00
Robert Floyd $25.00
Alexandra Hicks $3,485.00
Amanda Hilburn $240.00
Peter Jamros $125.00
Aurelia Kaeslin $185.00
Josephine Kalisman $250.00
Valerie Karasz $600.00
Amy Kaufman $1,025.00
Marisa Kubiak $405.00
David Lawrence $275.00
Nadia Lombard $85.00
Betsy Mallow $500.00
Claire Molloy $735.00
Elisabeth Munder $1,050.00
Michael O'Neal $1,620.00
Fern Ring Elkind $2,635.00
Jeremy Robbins $0.00
Keri Russell $525.00
David Schulhof $50.00
Lesley Schulhof $580.00
Richard Segerson $250.00
Amy Singer $25.00
Morty Singer $40.00
James Stafford $125.00
Sarah Steinberg $125.00
Colleen Tompkins $525.00
Lydon Vonnegut $85.00
Meredith Waterman $320.00
Eleanor Ylvisaker $605.00
Team Gifts $159,822.00
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