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Team: Team Go Evie
Event: Kids Walk NYC
Date: May 6, 2017


In April 2014, Evie was diagnosed with cancer.  It's every parents worst nightmare and we were living it.  Over the next 2.5 years, Evie had intensive chemotherapy, she had many dozens of procedures, she had multiple hospital stays, including having to miss her 7th birthday party because she was in the hospital that week.  But we are the extremely lucky ones, because Evie responded well to treatment and is now "cancer-free!"

Memorial Sloan Kettering became our family and took amazing care of our daughter.  But more importantly, MSK developed the drugs that cured our daughter and thousands of other kids and allowed all these children to have their lives back.

There is never a day that goes by that we don't think about how fortunate we are to get to watch Evie grow up.  If it weren't for the cancer research done over the past several decades, our Evie wouldn't be with us today.  

But there are so many families that are not as fortunate, and even in the best cases, the treatments are hard and the side effects can be brutal.  We have seen first-hand so many things that no one and especially no little kid should have to endure.  We need to do more to find better and more effective treatmnts for all children with cancer, so they can get back to being kids and all their families can get to watch them grow up.

100% of every dollar you give supports childhood research led by the Department of Pediatrics at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (MSK). MSK takes care of more kids with cancer than any other hospital in the world—leading the way in cutting-edge treatments. MSK uses its expertise to discover new ways to help children fight cancer—worldwide.

Cancer can be especially difficult for young patients. Today, doctors and researchers at MSK aim to develop more effective therapies for children going through treatment. This brings us one step closer to stopping the disease and letting kids return to their lives outside of a hospital.

Pediatric cancer research is underfunded. Together, let's make a difference in the lives of kids facing cancer. Just a reminder: 100% of your gift goes to research. Donate today!


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Evie - Nov 2015
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Sarah Caughey $25.00
Jennifer Ceccarini $140.00
Christine Chapman $0.00
Farai Chideya $0.00
Mark Colodny $0.00
Michaela Constantiner $110.00
Zana Correa $0.00
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Barbara Donovan $0.00
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Annie Glennon $340.00
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Robyn Joseph $290.00
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jeung eun lee $0.00
Lisa Leshne $1,080.00
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Holly Lipton $0.00
Dahlia Loeb $0.00
Emmy Ludwig $3,486.00
Tanya Luthra $0.00
arielle madover $155.00
Alissa Makower $40.00
Letitia Malone $140.00
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Alice Naude $140.00
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Reed Phillips $0.00
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Andrea Piomelli $0.00
Victor Pisante $0.00
Kasandra Preston $0.00
Eva Radtke $100.00
Brooke Rahmanan $25.00
Stephan Rapaglia $0.00
Siobhan Roche $140.00
Chaava Rock $25.00
Naama Rock $25.00
Michael Rosen $0.00
Marc Rosenberg $0.00
David Rosenstein $0.00
Banu Roso $215.00
Robin Rubin $0.00
Aaron Rudenstine $0.00
Melissa Russo $0.00
Mark Schattner $0.00
Adam Scheer $0.00
Lori Schreiber $540.00
Jamie Silver $0.00
Peggy Singh $0.00
Karen Smith $0.00
Abigail Spencer $0.00
Linda Steen $0.00
Hilary Steinman $0.00
Victoria Steinmetz $0.00
Jennifer Stranzl $0.00
Riva Syrop $190.00
April Tonin $0.00
Kelly Tsai $610.00
Christine Tse $0.00
Becka Vargus Katz $0.00
Rebecca Volpe $0.00
Scott Waxman $0.00
Ilana Weinstein $0.00
Adrienne Wing $100.00
Phil Wohl $0.00
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Lucia Zoercher $0.00
Team Gifts $52,694.00
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