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Team: Staples Vangel Team
Event: Kids Walk NYC
Date: May 6, 2017


It was nineteen years ago, on May 5, 1998, that Simon, then age 4, was diagnosed with high risk, stage 4 neuroblastoma. We were told that Simon’s chance of survival was very slim, due to his extensive disease and negative genetic markers. “There is always hope, “ said Simon’s MSK doctor. And then he said “we will do our very best to save him.”

Over the next 3½ years the MSK team did indeed do their very, very best. The battle was often overwhelming, every night felt sleepless, and we cried buckets of tears. However, after 7 rounds of 5 types of chemo, surgery, 3 types of radiation, 2+ years of an experimental antibody trial, and countless blood transfusions, potions, scans & shots, Simon was in remission, and remains so today. Simon is now a 23-year-old college graduate, preparing to start a PhD program in English in the fall. He has his drivers’ license and a job at a museum; has won sports and citizenship awards; has played in a jazz band, traveled around Europe, danced at his HS prom.

There are simply no words for the gratitude we feel for MSK. Because of the MSK team’s immense experience and expertise, their genius in creating a new treatment, and their compassionate and dedicated care, our beloved son is here today.

However, our MSK team could not have done this without donors like you. They relied on dollars for research to create the antibody trial that saved Simon’s life. And year by year, they keep pushing up the survival rates for hard-to-cure pediatric cancers. The progress is palpable … but it is not enough. For every relieved family like us, there is another who lost the battle.

It’s black and white to us: we must help generate the research dollars that are absolutely crucial to win the battle against pediatric cancer. Thanks to your donations, more and more kids like Simon will “graduate” from MSK. They will learn to read, will play soccer and piano, have that first kiss, go to college, and reach the adulthood each one of them deserves and dreams of.

100% of your donation will support pediatric cancer research at MSK! THANK YOU FOR MAKING A DIFFERENCE FOR FAMILIES JUST LIKE US!

Fundraising Goal
Fundraising Total
Team Honor Roll
Staples Vangel Team Raised
Shirley Staples $2,700.00
Helen Howe $135.00
Christine Keyserling $25.00
Dan Keyserling $25.00
Alyson Laux $185.00
Logan Mcintosh $25.00
Tom Mcintosh $25.00
Cami Opere $75.00
Morgan Otway $75.00
Stephanie Rigione $903.00
Will Sandwick $85.00
Sophie Staples $2,525.00
Simon Staples-Vangel $3,325.00
Donald Vangel $2,125.00
Team Gifts $35,745.00
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