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Pedaling Sunshine - Summit

Team Captain:  Mrs. Janet Flynn
Bike Count:  Thirteen-Bike Team
Per Bike Average:   $7,064

Location:   Summit, NJ:

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Fundraising Goal
Team Donor List
Pedaling Sunshine - Summit Raised
Janet Flynn $1,550.00
Sarah Apgar $1,000.00
Katie Bealer $1,366.03
Audrey Bilsborrow $1,796.00
Melissa Burdorf $210.00
Lisa Teevan Carey $1,030.00
Marylee Carroll $1,375.00
Tara Cronin $1,765.00
Elizabeth Curtis $8,060.00
Lauren Delgado $195.00
Suzanne DeMichele $1,765.00
Lisa Devine $1,555.00
Ashley Dunn $660.00
Christine Flood $300.00
Kelly Florentino $1,075.00
Peter Flynn $500.00
Alison Gassert $1,110.00
Donald Gerne $625.00
Lauren Golio $2,805.00
Yvonne Greenwood $200.00
Kevin Grundy $375.00
Jake Hindelong $5,000.00
Ananya Holland $2,325.00
April Kabbash $235.00
Lara Kanjo $825.00
Will Kanjo $1,413.00
Tara King $345.00
Silvia Kleinle $195.00
David Leach $700.00
Kelly Leach $4,520.00
Camille Loftin $1,000.00
Nicole Mahoney $1,085.00
Kati Manwaring $275.00
Lauryn McDonough $1,250.00
Annamarie McGannon $21,409.75
Elizabeth McNaughton $790.00
Tara Millman $950.00
Barbara Murray $1,000.00
Tenison Nassif $0.00
Doreen Nelson $620.00
sharon neuner $100.00
Ed Pokorny $555.00
Kerry Pokorny $1,140.00
Nicole Polychronopoulos $250.00
Christy Pratt-Henry $1,370.00
Jeannine Romeo $100.00
Melissa Rosenberg $300.00
Michael Roskell $2,870.00
Pamela Ryan $1,100.00
Allison Shirley $1,290.00
Kathleen Shrekgast $1,525.00
Whitnie Storey $210.00
Dan Stratemeier $704.44
Elizabeth Sutton $360.00
James Wilson $575.00
Larissa Wilson $1,070.00
Wendy Zigon $150.00
Team Gifts $4,910.00
Denotes a Team Captain

JOIN THE BATTLE. Beat Rare Cancers.

Welcome to Team Pedaling Sunshine!

Our founder, Kelly Leach, is a cancer survivor. Kelly was diagnosed in August of 2014 with Ewing’s sarcoma, a rare cancer. After 12 rounds of chemo and 8 weeks of radiation, Kelly finished treatment in September of 2015 and continues to be cancer free. She is grateful for her doctors at Memorial Sloan Kettering, and for the love and support of her family and friends that gave her the strength to get through her cancer journey.

And now the tables are turned - rare cancers beware! Kelly launched Team Pedaling Sunshine in 2016, and through many, many small donations, Team Pedaling Sunshine is proud of the following fundraising totals:

2016 - $257,614
2017 - $273,235
2018 - $291,323
For a TOTAL of $822,173 raised and going directly to rare cancer research!

If the past is any indication of the future, Team Pedaling Sunshine will bust through the $1 MILLION milestone this year!

EVERY DOLLAR raised goes to rare cancer research at Memorial Sloan Kettering. In fact, major breakthroughs have been made with this Cycle for Survival funding: new drugs are extending lives of Ewing’s sarcoma patients, and immunotherapy is becoming the disruptive technology in cancer treatment. Cycle for Survival is already doing what President Obama’s Moonshot initiative was all about. If you haven’t already, it’s time for you to JOIN THE BATTLE!

RIDE - Join Team Pedaling Sunshine for a ride near you - we promise, it will be a day you’ll never forget
RECRUIT - Grab a friend who’s never done a Cycle for Survival ride to join Team Pedaling Sunshine
DONATE - EVERY DOLLAR goes to rare cancer research within 6 months of the events
SHARE - “Like rays of sunshine, we spread energy and strength to everyone who’s ever been touched by cancer.” And unfortunately, almost everyone has. You’ll be surprised at how ready they are to support your efforts to stomp out this disease. Talk it up!

Our team name, Pedaling Sunshine was inspired by the fact that Kelly has been singing “You are My Sunshine” to her two sons, Ryan (11) and Tyler (7) since the day that were born. Her boys and her husband Dave are the reasons for her battle. The battlefront is on the bikes. See you there!


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