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Tough As Nails

Team Captain:  Mr. David S. Portny
Bike Count:  Four-Bike Team
Per Bike Average:   $31,179

Location:   Greenwich, CT:

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Fundraising Goal
Team Donor List
Tough As Nails Raised
David Portny $18,682.00
Tricia Black $10,600.00
Michael Chambers $2,455.00
Jesse Cole $0.00
Eileen Kim $3,000.00
Felicity Kostakis $5,015.00
David Nadasi $0.00
Julie Nadasi $60.00
Chancellor Patterson $250.00
Laura Patterson $250.00
Alyssa Portny $38,478.00
Todd Ross $0.00
Patty Ryan $1,080.00
Tony Tertiropoulos $2,145.00
Team Gifts $42,700.00
Denotes a Team Captain

JOIN THE BATTLE. Beat Rare Cancers.

Welcome to our team's page!


100% of Team Tough as Nails fundraising will go to support ground-breaking research initiatives and clinical trials led by Drs. Dennis Chi and Kenneth Offit. Below are just two examples of their remarkable work that your donations will support during Cycle for Survival's 2018 season. Thank you for your generosity!

Dr. Dennis Chi (along with Drs. Roisin O’Cearbhaill and Oliver Zivanovic) is conducting a Phase II trial for women with recurrent ovarian cancer. Patients who have surgery to remove cancerous tissue from their abdomen usually receive chemotherapy after they have recovered. In this clinical trial, investigators are testing whether the addition of heated chemotherapy, called hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC), given at the time of that surgery—followed by standard chemotherapy—is superior to standard chemotherapy.

Dr. Kenneth Offit discovered the most common "founder" BRCA mutation associated with hereditary breast and ovarian cancer in those of Eastern European (Ashkenazi) Jewish ancestry. He is currently organizing a research study called the "BRCA Founder Outreach Registry" that will, in a medical setting, provide free targeted BRCA gene testing to any Ashkenazi individual over the age of 25.

Thank you for your support—let us know if you're interested in riding, too!

View Alyssa's Battle Cry!




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