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Spiritual Riders

Team Captain:  Mrs. Karen Leach Sconzo And Christina Collins
Bike Count:  Eight-Bike Team
Per Bike Average:   $13,216

Location:   Greenwich, CT:

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Fundraising Goal
Team Donor List
Spiritual Riders Raised
Karen Leach Sconzo And Christina Collins $9,519.00
Liz Arnoff $1,075.00
Joanne Baum $2,220.00
Tracey Baxendale $1,174.94
Julie Church $250.00
Christina Collins $2,355.00
Libby Edwards $9,795.00
Peter Ginsberg $15,870.00
Robin Gordon $3,250.00
Kathy Hagendorf $1,825.00
Sarah Hechtman $615.00
Alexandra Howson $2,230.00
Keith Howson $100.00
Tammi Lauder $2,200.00
Peter Lenane $2,520.00
Josh Levine $3,605.00
Julie Lowitz $2,405.00
Marc Lowitz $1,393.00
Edward Martin Iii $3,412.00
Alice Mcnamara $1,650.00
James McNamara $8,471.00
Elizabeth McNamara Mueller $1,692.00
Ellen Miller $12,474.00
Alan Offenberg $500.00
Judi Offenberg $1,000.00
Ali Plonchak $830.00
Sandy Poster $886.00
Dina Schilsky $1,125.00
Sarah Scott $2,938.00
Molly Smith $3,140.00
Charlie Tricomi $1,800.00
Team Gifts $3,410.00
Denotes a Team Captain

JOIN THE BATTLE. Beat Rare Cancers.


All that being fearless means is to literally FEAR - LESS.

Do more NOW, fear LESS.

All humans have fears.

But you see the fears you have are tiny, compared to the mighty inner potential that you have waiting to be awakened deep inside you.

You could consider the beast in you as fearless of all the things that frighten you.

The beast in you knows that life can end at any point, that no-one should be taken for granted and that as special as you are, you’re also not more special than anyone else! IT’S A HUMBLING TRUTH!

When your mind and body are in sync, they are your personal powerhouse which abolishes fear. 

F.E.A.R. = Face Everything and Recover

We ride for those with rare cancer so they can FEAR-LESS and recover.




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