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Noors Army

Team Captain:  Mrs. Carla Hassan
Bike Count:  Eight-Bike Team
Per Bike Average:   $22,057

Location:   New York, NY:

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Fundraising Goal
Team Donor List
Noors Army Raised
Carla Hassan $42,010.00
Andrew Bailey $6,801.00
Stephanie Bailey $2,480.00
Colette Bennett $8,274.00
Abbie Chessler $510.00
Emiliano Di Vincenzo $2,350.00
Michael Duda $2,125.00
Tindley Gilbert $1,190.00
Tapasya Govindarajan $1,050.00
Nick Graham $2,330.00
Rachel Greenfield $24,830.00
Dena Hassan $1,600.00
Tariq Hassan $28,243.00
Ryland Hilbert $500.00
Sophie Ho $620.00
Brad Jakeman $1,600.00
Ivan Jelic $0.00
Em Jez $3,190.00
Janet Joyce $3,438.00
Sharon Love $8,125.00
Jen Mendelsohn $1,000.00
Rafael Narvaez $300.00
Lina Nawas $6,500.00
Dimitri Nemirovsky $1,430.00
Sarah Robb O'Hagan $1,875.00
Brian Salsberg $1,560.00
Alexandra Schlesinger $2,800.00
Caryn Seidman-Becker $2,000.00
George Smith $3,426.00
Dalia Tarabay $250.00
Jessica West $0.00
Team Gifts $14,050.00
Denotes a Team Captain

JOIN THE BATTLE. Beat Rare Cancers.

It's been nearly seven years since Noor walked into Memorial Sloan Kettering. A really sick little kid, filled with fear and a lot more questions than answers.

Thanks to the amazing forces of the amazing team at MSK nine months later we walked out with a happy, health, thriving little girl. Today, she’s a precocious 11 year old who sings, dances and lives her life on her terms.

We were lucky, so many aren't. Something we will forever be grateful and that's why on Saturday, March 9th we will ride for the 6th year to raise our largest goal yet, $200,000. I know WOW that's huge and we need your help.

We know you are asked often but even a $1 will help with 100% of your donation go to research into rare cancers. Please give what you can by clicking the link below. If you can't give then give your love.





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