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Welcome to Our Kids Walk Team Page

Team: Team Packer
Event Location: Central Park, NYC
Date: May 4, 2019

We're raising money to fight all pediatric cancers.

Join us by making a donation! Every single dollar raised gives the doctors and researchers at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center what they need to make life-changing discoveries.

This is why donations are so important:

100% of every dollar donated to Kids Walk goes directly to the Department of Pediatrics at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center — where more kids with cancer are treated than any other hospital in the United States.

4% of the National Cancer Institute’s budget for research goes to pediatric cancers, which is why pediatric cancer research is extremely underfunded. This is where you come in: the money you give supports new and better treatment options for children around the world.

Together, we can make a difference. Thank YOU!

Fundraising Goal
Fundraising Total
Team Packer Leading Kids Walk 2018!
Team Honor Roll
Team Packer Raised
Jessica Gross $1,200.00
Andres Antonio $35.00
Chad Austino $170.00
Eric Berg $35.00
Jack Berg $100.00
Taryn Berkett $240.00
Daniel Biro $100.00
Luca Biro $25.00
Caterina Bourtin $565.00
India Brecht $35.00
Sam Brodsky $125.00
Saskia Burn $125.00
Imogen Bylinsky $25.00
Carolyn Casey $245.00
Aidan Cleland $135.00
Lily Conetta $535.00
Lily Crowell $170.00
Julien De Brechard $35.00
Apple Diamond $10,135.00
Sam Donohoe $340.00
Blakely Duskin $5,530.00
Alexander Economakis $1,130.00
Ellie Elsesser $35.00
Joshua Epstein $85.00
Blue Etienne-Gay $95.00
James Ewan $35.00
Abbey Flamm $35.00
Joe French $170.00
Ethan Friedman $535.00
Sam Glusker $25.00
Maya Gomes $225.00
Georgia Groome $25.00
Madeline Gunnell $35.00
Henry Guzman $35.00
Graham Hall-Keough $235.00
Eli Harrell $25.00
Harper Harrell $25.00
Kate Harty $335.00
Dio Hernandez $95.00
Dana Hillebrecht $145.00
Ava Horn $635.00
Catherine Hovey $35.00
Aidan Jelveh $95.00
Adda Jones $505.00
Charlie Keeler $135.00
Amelia Killackey $185.00
Rebekah Kim $35.00
Melissa Kornfeld $325.00
Paloma Larson $100.00
Sofia Leaf $955.00
Greg Lippmann $140.00
Apple Lydon $35.00
Dana Macgrath $130.00
Liam Mackenzie $35.00
Abby Marriott $335.00
Kate Marriott $285.00
Sasha McFarland $135.00
Isabel Mina $320.00
Laura Mitchener $25.00
Lily Orlando $2,600.00
James Perlmutter $335.00
Henry Petrini $885.00
Bella Pitman $650.00
Mariele Protos $115.00
Jordan Renville $35.00
Monica Rioja $270.00
Dare Rose $25.00
Chaz Saferstein $95.00
Claire Schlegel $35.00
Jake Schlein $35.00
Alex Smith $100.00
Zoe Spinelli $1,000.00
Ella Spungen $50.00
Charlotte Strickland $35.00
Shoshanna Sugahara $240.00
Amy Szczepanski $35.00
Hayes Talbot $35.00
Ariana Topper-Kroog $335.00
Joe Tramontin $35.00
Malcolm Turner $35.00
Aadyn Valley $35.00
John Wallace $135.00
Thomas Wallack $35.00
Sylvan Wold $25.00
Callie Worth $125.00
Peter Worth $125.00
Team Gifts $675.00
Denotes a Team Captain


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