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Welcome to Our Kids Walk Team Page

Team: Whip Pediatric Cancer
Event Location: Central Park, NYC
Date: May 4, 2019

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What do you do when your CHILD is diagnosed with cancer? You do EVERYTHING in your power to save them. Even if that means traveling across the world to get HERE. Memorial Sloan Kettering. 

Sloan Kettering saved the life of my mom. After being diagnosed with a pediatric cancer as an adult, she headed straight to Sloan where there was no protocol for her. Just genius doctors (shout out to Dr. Wexler and Dr. Meyers and the rest of the amazing nurses and doctors on the 9th floor of MSKCC). They were able to use their knowledge to SAVE my mom. And I could never repay them for this. THEY ALLOWED ME TO GROW UP WITH MY MOM. 

I always wanted to give back in her honor. 3 and a half years ago, I started my own pediatric cancer foundation which to this day has raised over 250,000 dollars for pediatric cancer research at MSKCC. I made over 78,000 people aware of pediatric cancer on Facebook and brought the heart of gold program to over 2,000 schools across the nation. But thats not all.

While my main mission is to raise money for research that will save the kids, I also go in and visit with the kids at least once a week, and become the big sister they never had. I want to be their sunshine on a cloudy time in their life. I have visited and connected with over 100 kids in NYC since I started my foundation in 2015. I have sent care packages all over the world, even as far as south africa!

I have loved, and I have lost a lot of kids. It breaks my heart knowing that because of the lack of funding these kids didnt get to grow up. But it makes my heart burst with pride, because there are kids like Reese, who fought Neuroblastoma and SURVIVED.

Because of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center these kids will survive. But they need us. 


Please come walk with us so that we can WHIP PEDIATRIC CANCER forever!!

see you there!


Fundraising Goal
Fundraising Total
Team Honor Roll
Whip Pediatric Cancer - Join Team Raised
Seth Belous $145.00
Audrey Barbuto $200.00
Victoria belous $70.00
Morgan Brennan $150.00
Stephanie Burgess $665.00
Danielle Capek $570.00
Susan Cohen $50.00
Victoria Coltun $350.00
Alana Cooperman $100.00
Tanya Coppola $25.00
Matthew Croswell $50.00
Jeffrey Dorman $70.00
Lauren Dorman $165.00
Pamela Dorman $150.00
Paige Duva $630.00
Beth Fionda $70.00
Raquel Fischer $170.00
Danielle Goikhman $225.00
Jackie Gould $832.00
Madison Greenfield $95.00
Alisa Hirsh $0.00
Maggie Holz $140.00
Nicole Horne $1,090.00
Ashley Kelsoe $70.00
Alla Keyzner $675.00
Keren Keyzner $5,554.00
Dana Khani $35.00
R L $35.00
Jaymie Laike $173.00
Laura LaNeve $3,400.00
Vickiana Liranzo $110.00
Carrie Luis $100.00
Daniel Metzger $25.00
Hillary Metzger $25.00
Debbie Neuschatz $70.00
Jake Norris $570.00
Hana Nudelman $70.00
Jennifer Osterweil $50.00
Hallie Polsky $50.00
Robert Rizzolo $2,000.00
Allyson Schenker $221.00
Adam Schubak $1,596.00
Rachel Shukan $50.00
Michelle Suskind $70.00
Alexandra Tanner $50.00
James Tilley $35.00
Sarah Trigoboff $35.00
Lauren Weintraub $70.00
Sharon Zarom $86.00
Team Gifts $8,941.00
Denotes a Team Captain


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